Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keeping Up

This is a fantastic picture of grandma and Tomboy girl, look at the face on the oldest granddaughter, she is very happy to be near her grandma.

This picture was taken on Wednesday or Thursday once my mom was home and we quickly discovered what a quick change she was making.

From not talking or moving to being able to move her legs, bend her legs, log roll from side to side and hold herself on her side, feed herself and with some help, hold herself upright. Once I knew that, the gloves were off and the fight was on (tongue in cheek)to have her do more and more for herself.

We ordered a wheelchair and she would sit on the side of the bed and then her husband would transfer her from the bed to the wheelchair and here she is sitting in her wheelchair surrounded by all the grandchildren and she just loved it!

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