Monday, October 5, 2009

News From The Doctor

My mom has the most amazing family physician. He is always willing to call and talk to me and give me the lastest updates. Today, was no exception.

My mom has Sepsis, a serious blood infection caused by an UTI. She was initially admitted to the hospital in Septic shock. As her doctor told me and as I know, it can bring a healthy 25 year old to a screaching halt, but someone with cancer and chemo, it can kill them.

The good news is that after her blood transfusion, she is feeling much better, she told the doctor she isn't willing to give up yet and wants to continue to fight, but she has to be more pro-active in her own care. In other words, if she has to use the bathroom, tell someone, don't wait for hours because she thinks she is a burden.

She needs to get up and move around once in awhile, laying in bed doing nothing in the same spot is causing her skin to break down.

The doctor is discharging her to a nursing home for 1 week to ensure she has her blood tests, etc. but then he is sending her home. I am hoping to be able to get down there in the next week or so and set somethings in place:
-A hospital bed with a pressure mattress to prevent bed sores.
-A home health aide to bathe her
-Meals on Wheels a few days a week giving her husband a break from cooking
-Any other help she needs

This isn't going to be easy, she is already fighting me due to my back surgery and she is so worried about the grandkids seeing her the way she is. They are strong little kids and I truly think for the duration I will be there, they will be a blessing to her.

I am headed for bed, exhausted and have to be in Olympia tomorrow!


Sharon said...

Sounds like your mom is having a tough time. I hope your back is doing better! I'll be praying for you both! (Hugs)

Audrey said...

Glad to hear your mom is a fighter!! Hope you have a safe trip to your mom's and an easy time setting everything up for her!

Rannyjean said...

Yes, mom is a fighter and has more strength than I ever realized...but guess if you are a mom, you always have extra!
The back...well, I will post on it later!