Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not To Be Left Out...

Not to be left out is our little Diva girl and she chose to have her dress made with this truly cute and adorable fabric called 'lifes a witch,' by the Alexander Henry collection. This skirt already has the netting overlay and why it looks a bit fuzzy!

You have to look at the adorable witches on this fabric and they things they are up to. Not your typical spooktified witch. This one on the right is a bearded lady witch flying on her broom through the pumpkin patch.
The witch in the center is wearing shorty gloves (all the rage this season) with large pointed buckle shoes and notice, she is sitting on what appears to be a telephone wire and NOT a broom!

These 2 witches appear to be having a one sided conversation. The witch on the left is talking and the witch on the right appears to be bored to tears and finally, the knitting witch who is making what appears to be a skeleton sweater!

Simply adorable!

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Melinda Cornish said...

this fabric is adorable!