Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Am So Embarrassed!

I am so embarrassed! If you promise not to tell anyone, I am going to tattle on my Ranny, so shhhhhhhh, you can't tell anyone!

I am under the blanket so hopefully she doesn't know I am typing this and telling on her. If I hear her coming around, I will hide so she doesn't know what I am doing.

From what I know about my Ranny in the few short months I have been on this earth and the short time I have been at her house, she is fun!

She loves to sing silly songs to me while she claps her hands and dances around. You should see her, then again, she only does it for me. She loves to take pictures of me and has taken so many since I have been here, I have permanent spots in my eyes from the flash. She has taught me that if I fuss enough, she will pick me up and rock me and I really like that.

But the BIG secret is...the one I am embarrassed about, is my Ranny read a story yesterday on this thing called the internet about there being a pumpkin shortage this year and she made my Papa go out and buy 4 (see, I am holding 4 fingers up) pumpkins.
I am confused on these pumpkins though because the ones I saw awhile back on what they call Halloween were big and round and had light coming out of spooky faces, but these pumpkins, well all I can do is show you a picture and you tell me, what they really did with those spooky faces!
I heard my cousins asking my Ranny if she was going to make her pumpkin bread, I guess it is really good if you have teeth (which I don't yet) and then there are her famous pumpkin pancakes and pies. I might get to try some pie on this new thing coming up called Thanksgiving (I have so much to be thankful for even at such a young age).
Well, I hear my Ranny coming down the stairs, so I have to put her computer back and pretend we didn't have this conversation. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, remember, I never told you anything!


karen hopkins said...

Lovin the secret!! you are to funny, sweet lady.. thanks for making me laugh tonight... really, really needed a special blessing like this... You are a blessing!

Rannyjean said...

Isn't is wonderful how God seems to give us smiles just when we think we are out of them? Bless you Karen, you are a wonderful lady!

SkippyMom said...

:sorry! me again!: I don't mean to keep sending you comments, but I am really enjoying your blog - and I wanted to tell you something funny my youngest just said :) [she is 12]

She was sitting next to me and saw the picture of the canned pumpkin. She asked "Mom why are you posting about pumpkin?" I told her I wasn't that I was reading your blog, etc....then I noticed why she was confused.

You and I have the same "" background! Except I have snow falling on mine.

Hey great quilters think alike I suppose. heehee