Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You Katie

Normally at this time of the year I do not work on cleaning up messes here and there until after January 1. That is because I love to tackle my desk, file box and other areas and clean them until they are neat and organized for the new year.

However, I could not take it any longer last evening and bless my daughter-in-laws heart, while she did dishes and cleaned the kitchen, I was able to sit at my desk and go through all of the cubbies and drawers and trash all the old stuff that had been hidden away for the last year.

I didn't take any pictures (too embarrassed) but I can tell you when I started, my small desk garbage pail and my shredder were both empty and now they need to be emptied. I had piles of paperwork all over...toss, shred, file, etc. My kitchen table at one time looked like a paper recycling plant.

I do not shred all the little glassine evelopes I get sent, I found out a shredder ago that they gunk up and ruin shredders and many times if I have a local bill, I return the envelope to them or send a bunch back to an on-line company. I know it is silly, but it beats keeping them and placing them in landfills.

So, to Katie, my thanks for helping me! It is the only way I could have gotten it done this year!


Anonymous said...

Did you find the Aveda mailing labels?? :)


karen hopkins said...

Hi sweet lady.. reading this post about your cleaning your desk, has given me a blog idea for tomorrow. Thank you !! I have been praying for you, and your back, work situation, and such. His Perfect timing is always a good thing! Blessings, sister... you are loved..

Rannyjean said...

No to the labels, but I contacted them for more.