Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Over The River...

Well, we have no snow on the ground and none predicted, but I still want to wish each and all of my blog friends a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


karen hopkins said...

May your day be a blessed one, Jean. Have been praying for you, sister.. Blessings!

Robyn said...

Happy thanksgiving to you Jean and a little note to let you know that my thread holder arrived safely in the mail and so fast too!!
Many thanks...I'll think of you when I use it!

If you're interested there is a giveaway at my blog :D grin!

Corn said...

Hope you had a nice one too !

karen hopkins said...

Hi Jean.. just was thinking about you, and wanted to see if you are feeling better with your back..
I am trying to hurry along a quilt project ( thats a surprise for a friend ), so I am struggling with some tendonitis in my wrist from doing that.. it will get better though.
Its done in gold, and marooon, and other scraps of fabric .. looks good, and hopefully will be done this weekened, so I can send it off to her.
Other than that, no new projects going on ( ran out of fabric, and inspiration for scrappy look I guess). Any cool ideas on a pattern?
Miss reading your stuff... after the holidays, I know is hard.. Just know you are in my prayers, and thoughts, sweet lady.