Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow we will be up early and heading out to the Seattle Airport where the baby and her parents will hop on board a plane and take the long trip back to Phoenix.

It is truly amazing, how much she has changed just since being here a little over a month. She sits up all by herself now (once she is sat up) and plays with her toys.

She has gone from being quiet to talking and laughing and squeeling all the time. She now gets up on her knees and propels herself with her feet across the floor and moves quick!
She eats solid food, has been to the Dr. several times and it seems our doctors here have cleared up her long time eye infection that the doctors at Phoenix Saint Josephs clinic kept saying was nothing.
She has grown at least an inch because the day they arrived, I bought her a pair of little pants and she is wearing them this evening and they are much shorter.
It has been a joy having her, all of us have enjoyed it and her parents have been a great help.
We will miss her and them, in spite of some misunderstandings between us, but we know she will be cared for and loved in Phoenix, just as much as she was here.


karen hopkins said...

She will know a granny's love for her, and it will remain as such, even if she doesn't know it as a little one right now.. You are a blessing to this beautiful baby girl... just as you are to her family, and your friends, both online, and in person.. You are loved, sister... will pray peace over you today, as you see them fly off ...

Patrick said...


Rannyjean said...

Thank you both and she is just our little doll!