Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

So, those of you who know me well or who followed my blog last year, you know that winter is my absolute favorite time of the year and that the more snow I have around me, the happier and sillier I am. To those of you who don't love it, I am so sorry and I still love you all anyway!

Even if you don't like snow, you have to like this adorable little wall hanging I made with snowmen, snowflakes and hand embroidered red and blue let it snow comments. When I saw this at connecting threads, I just couldn't resist it!

It is almost done and then I will go to work on some snowflake ornaments that Patrick Lose over at his blog has generously decided to giveaway a free snowflake pattern to help us all kick off the holiday season. Not to mention, if you haven't been to Patricks blog or seen his work, you are really missing out on something special!

Here is the back of my wall hanging of course done in snowflakes and I just love blue snowmen, so this fabric was such an easy choice to make. I have a few other small Christmas projects I might be able to finish while I am praying that for Christmas, I will get a job offer! So far, my prospects do not look to strong, but I will not give up!

No matter what adults think of snow, we have to remember that for children, it is magical and awesome. Snow means school is closed, lets build a snow fort, a snowman, lets have a snowball fight.
It is cold outside, lets go home and have hot chocolate with marshmellows, ice cream or whipped cream.
Yes, the holidays and snow are really for the children and now, one and a two and...Lets get this party started!

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