Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yesterdays Visit To Seattle

Nothing quite says Seattle like a Washington state Ferry and we were lucky to get this beautiful picture as we were visiting Pike Place Market yesterday.

This was quite a treat for my daughter in law who had never seen or heard of a ferry and since we didn't get a chance to ride one yesterday (we will before they go back home), is still a bit confused at how you can actually drive and park a vehicle on one.

They day was just amazing as you can see, the skies were a beautiful blue and the sun was shining.
The second picture was as the ferry was coming into the Seattle docks and we were walking around the waterfront when I got this picture. I love ferries and if I could live in an area where I could take the ferry daily, I would be in heaven, it just seems to melt my stress and daily cares away!

The sign on the bottom sits atop of Pike Place Market a wonderful market of beautiful smells, tastes, colors and people.

The first place I always go to is the Pike Place Fish Market, I love to watch the people that work there visit with the crowds and toss fish and my grandchildren were amazed as was my son and daughter in law. How I wish we could have taken some home, but we had to be elsewhere last evening. If you want wonderful fish, you can order some online and they will have it delivered to your front door!

Around the corner from the fish market is the wonderful Daily Dozen Doughnuts which sells these amazing small delicious doughnuts in paper bags while they are still warm and the cinnamon doughnuts are the most amazing things I have ever tasted.

You can also get them in powdered sugar and frosted and I think I remember the cost for a dozen was less than $4.00 and we purchased 2 dozen and with 4 adults and 3 children, they were gone almost instantly!

Then there were the produce stands filled with wonderfully colorful and aromatic fruits and veggies, fresh pasta shop, local honey, nuts, cherries and salsa's as well as vendors selling handmade wares and that was all on just the first floor.
This last picture is of the DIL and son (who turned his back as I was snapping this shot) standing near Rachel, the markets bronze piggy bank that collects money for the foundation. You see, many people only see the vendors and the shops, few know about the foundation which has a child care facility, senior center, foodbank, housing, medical clinic, etc. .
Pikes Market not only takes in money from visitors all over the world, they give back to the local community in so many wonderful ways. Thank you for sharing our day!

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