Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Honest Question

I have an honest question for anyone who has ever been in an odd interview or for someone who works interviewing people.

What do you say when your interviewer is:

1- Talking on the cell phone during the interview
2- Talking to others during the interview
3- Begins arguing with another panel member
4- Sleeps during the group interview

I have all of these things happen, which only solidifies my idea that the person for the job was already chosen prior to my arrival, but what can you say or do to not sound like sour grapes?


Barbara said...

That's just rude. Would you want to work with someone like that?

Chris said...

I'd say you don't want to work for someone so unprofessional. You should be treated with respect from the get-go!

Wendy B said...

Oh my goodness...I certainly would be peeved!!! what IS the correct etiquette??? I'd be tempted to ask them if they were serious about my application, but would I have the nerve???...or would I just be very polite??? I know I wouldn't want to work for anyone who treated their prospective employees like on earth do they treat clients???? Certainly one to ponder!!!!

Bethany said...

Remember, you are also doing your own interviewing. Are these the people YOU want to work with if you are offered this position? Probably not.

The obnoxious part of me would have just silently walked out after a few minutes. The professional side of me wouldn't have let me do it though.

Just be as professional as you can in this situation in the workplace. It's okay to feel like sour grapes and be upset though.

Rannyjean said...

Thanks for all the comments.