Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lets Honor Our Police Men and Women...Operation Blue Light

I was checking out my blogs this morning and ran across Aunt Pitty Pat's and she is encouraging everyone to show your support for police officers by purchasing and placing a light like these in your window each night. All you do is replace the clear bulb with a blue one.
As a retired police dispatcher, this really hits home to me and we have an entire string of blue lights that we place over a large shrub each Christmas season in the hopes the police officers that drive past our home know we not only support them, but pray for them as well.
Today, there will be a memorial in Tacoma for the four police officers that were slain in Lakewood, Washington just over a week ago, gunned down in cold blood. Having worked a police officer involved shooting a few years back, this hits home in the Nth degree.
Please, these men and women are just like the rest of us, most have families they love and are totally devoted to, many would give you the last dollar they had if you needed it, they are compassionate and caring, I have seen them cry and I have held them as they cried, they have hearts and souls and I hope today and for the rest of the holiday season, you burn a blue light in your window, in your porch light, on your house and let them know in this small way, you think of them and are praying for them.

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