Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Fabric Arrived

I can't believe how quickly Patrick Lose Studios got my winning fabric to me. We were on our way to a childrens Christmas party yesterday when the mailman stopped by and asked us not to leave as he had a package for us. It was my fabric and I was so happy and excited.

Patrick, thank you so much! My grandchildren all had to touch it and smell it and they loved it. We are a smelly family, okay? I smell everything and yes, I have gotten my snout in places where the smell wasn't what was expected.
The picture just can't do this fabric justice! I got two greens and two reds and the colors are very rich and vibrant and looking at the fabric, it looks as if it has been fan folded and creases have darkened, but it is a wonderful illusion that gives great depth to this fabric.

I know the baby has nothing to do with this post, but I just miss that little beanie so much, that I have to post her picture any chance I get. I talked to her daddy yesterday and while she isn't exactly crawling yet, seems if anyone stands to close to her, she trys pulling herself up.

Look at how rich these colors are and the kona cotton is amazing! I do not know when these fabrics will be in the quilt shops, but I am telling you now, these are definitely something you will want in your stash for so many projects!

All I can say, is thank you Patrick for always going that extra mile for all quilters and giving us a chance to see that quilting can be not only fun, but whimsical as well!


Wendy B said...

I'm not a real 'bright' colours lover....usually go for the more muted country style, but I do like these! Must keep an eye out!
thanks Rannyjean
sugary hugs :O)

Rannyjean said...

That is what is so great about these Wendy, two are bright and the other two are more muted or subdued. When it comes to Patrick, you just can't go wrong!

karen hopkins said...

That is such an awesome gift for you, sister.. You have given so much to those who have won gifts from you, and you are so deserving of blessings like this one, too! I am excited for you, just because you are so excited!
Oh, and by the way, we have SNOW here!! lol...