Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Years Resolution

What do you do for the New Years? I have heard from some of you that I am not the only one who goes through the house and cleans, rearranges and trashes what needs to be gone.
Today, I should have several people stop by to pick up some things I am recycling, a trinket box, a bicycle and a box filled with 47 pieces of boys clothing. Wow! I am not finished and you may yet find some of my things on here in a giveaway.
What about New Years resolutions, do you make them? If you do, are you a habitual resolution breaker or do you stick with them? I rarely make them because they are usually to intense to keep...face it, if when I was smoking I said I would quit, I probably wouldn't. If I said I would loose 40 pounds, I might loose 20, they usually seem superficial.
I did make one a few years back that took my hubby and friends by surprise and shock at the end of the year that I kept it. I am a shoe person and I don't mean I have 10 or 20 pairs, at one time my closet held close to 100 pairs of shoes. Famous Footwear was my first stop on payday and then I never walked out with less than 3 to 5 pair of shoes.
One year I decided I was going to go an entire year without purchasing shoes unless I needed them for work (I wore a uniform and was required to have black flat shoes or short heels). You know what? Not only did I keep that resolution, I didn't miss buying shoes and I didn't rush out on January 2nd the following year to stock up on my fix!
This year, I am making some very simply resolutions and will be keeping you informed on my progress:
1- Getting healthier (This one is simple because I am not setting hard to reach goals such as loosing 50 pounds, being able to walk 10 miles, becoming a vegetarian or anything else that might cause me to fail).
2- Becoming a more positive person and trying to keep negative people at arms length.
3- Forming a prayer/support group for others in my area that are out of work. I know I am not the only one experiencing companies that send rejection letters telling us we aren't qualified when the only qualifications are a high school diploma.
4-Forming a Yada Yada style of prayer group for women and I hope this becomes huge, but I would like to keep the groups small (10 people at the most)
5-Spending more time in Gods word! **If time is the most precious thing we have and spending time or wanting to spend time with someone is our highest complement we pay to one another is when we unselfishly spend time with each other...then I need to give God more time!**
6- Getting my financial house is order!
7- Purchase more handmade items this year and find more artists willing to participate in giveaways to share their products with us.
8- To enlarge my blog followers to 100.
9- To yell less and listen more.
10- To rid my house of lots of clutter!
I had to pick 10 because I like even numbers and to go along with 2010 which will prayerfully be a much better year for all of us!
I would like to invite any of you who would like to hold me accountable during the year, to do so when you see one of my postings stray from my goals, as I believe we all need someone holding us accountable and not in a mean spirited way, but in a gentle change making way!

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free indeed said...

I'd like to do more of #5 and 10. I'd also like to add a) more consistant in daily prayer on behalf of others b) make quilts from the many swaps I've been in...those blocks are moldering unused and unhappy :(
God bless you in your resolutions for the new year!