Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Sweetest Sign Of Jesus' Love

'I look at a candy cane
What do I see?
This sweetest of treats
Points to Jesus for me.
The color of white
For my Savior's pure life;
The red of the stripes
Are his death and his strife;
The shape of a staff
Shows my Sheperd is near;
I flip the cane over,
A 'J' will appear.
Lord, keep me from sinning,
And help me, I pray,
To be a sweet witness
To you everyday.'
Author Unknown
There are nine days left before Christmas and I hope over these next nine days to show something related to Christmas. It could be a poem like this one on the candy cane, a picture of our future Christmas tree, a quilt, a pillow, just something to make your stop here a bit brighter in season of hectic.

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