Monday, December 14, 2009

Today I Was Blessed...

Many years ago when I was in Sunday School, I had a teacher who wanted us to know that the words to the Christmas Carol, 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas,' had more meaning to it than just the words. The Partride in a Pear Tree is Jesus Christ, Two Turtle Doves the Old and New Testament and the only other one I remember is the 5 golden rings being the first five books of the Old Testament.

Now, as we grow older and fill our heads up with more and more information, most of us have a tendency to file information like this in our head under nonsense information or something we learned, but never used. Until today.

The kids school was on a two hour delay this morning and we were keeping an ear on the radio when the DJ stated the first person to call in and state the meaning of the 5 golden rings would win a gift pack, I called and I won!

I won a free oil change from our local Honda dealer, free large pizza from Papa Murphy's, $4 in lottery ticket prize money, a sweatshirt from a local casino (it is really nice and warm), a mug, several small Christmas ornaments, some chocolates, small childs ring, some plastic gold beads, a set of dice, a deck of cards, some earrings & a bracelet.

The kids were all so excited because Ranny was on the radio and won a prize and I am praying that it was the beginning of a good luck day as I know the night ended on a great note with a wonderful dinner of white beans and corn bread muffins and good times.

I hope your day was as good as mine!

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