Monday, December 14, 2009

My Winter Center Piece, Let It Snow!

I finally finished this little quilt this evening and decided to use it as my table center piece through winter. This is not a Christmas table runner, but a winter one and because I love snow you can see the hand embroidered 'Let it Snow,' on all 4 sides of the border. The candle holder was given to me by a dear friend I used to work with in Arizona and has a snow scene on it.

It was the perfect diversion this evening after dinner to keep me from thinking about the job interview I had today especially after finding out the job I applied for a few weeks ago with another school district has already been filled & once again, I did not get an interview.

So, with todays interview weighing very heavy on my mind when I cleared the kitchen, I sat down with the oldest and we played several games of hangman and sang silly songs while I finished the binding on this little quilt.

The funniest thing was when we saw a Jared jewelers commercial and I told hubby he doesn't have to go to Jared this year and without missing a beat, the oldest said, 'thats right Papa, you need to go to Kay jewelers because every kiss begins with Kay.' It was so funny and such great timing and unplanned! It was just the diversion I needed.

This is just such a cute piece and I finished it up with little red knots on each corner & centered on all sides.

I know it will be sometime I will pull out and put on the table each winter just as I retire the fall themed one I made this year.

I even have enough fabric left to make one more this size for either a wall hanging or a small quilt to use for dolls or over the back of a couch or chair.

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