Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today Was A Play (Doh) Day

I promised the kids today that when we came home from church we would sit at the kitchen table, watch the snow and play with PlayDoh. We came home and got to play with PlayDoh, but the snow had already gone so all we got to watch was the rain.

I don't know how many years it has been since I actually sat down and played with PlayDoh, but we all had a great time and we all created some really neat things. I was shocked that I could actually create something. I will never be a polymer clay designer, but I did make a few things and the kids seemed to enjoy my creativeness.

I made the bird above,well, I guess you can call it a bird and the kids made a birdbath for it and some little bird seeds. Then I made this rattle snake (hey, after years of living in Arizona, this one was a given). The oldest decided it was a girl snake and put a bow on it!

So, the forked tongue thing looks more like a flat duck bill, but I tried and the kids just loved it and they began making their own creations and we decided we needed to take some pictures, so here they all are!

You have a pie here that one of the girls made complete with a fork and spoon. I love the top of the pie and who knew PlayDoh came in so many yummy colors now like hot pink and purple?

This next one is little mans interpretation of a shark and it came out pretty cool and the shark then ate the bird...poor bird, but I guess the bird was a Seagull.

Diva girl made this adorable little heart to match the heart on her shirt and she is really a sweet'heart,' so this was perfect for her and it was so cute and tiny and lastly, we all worked together to make the flower.
While we were working, I did a few loads of laundry and kept the fires going with the help of the little ones who can do all the bending that I still can't do. I have actually learned that if I sit on a small footstool in front of the fireplace, I can toss the wood in and then use a poker to place it where it needs to be.

Once in awhile, we adults just need to realize how very important it is to sit down and play with our children. We need to play with PlayDoh, color in coloring books, teach them how to sew on a button, play some board games or just have a day where they get all of our attention, not the television or the computer or housecleaning, but a day sitting down where they know how important they are!
As the saying goes, 'cooking and cleaning can wait 'til tomorrow.' Today, I don't have a job, but I do have three little ones who love me and that is what is most important. Snow is for the children, Christmas is for the children and taking time for them means more to them than anything!


karen hopkins said...

I had so much fun with playing with your inspirational photos, lol.. Squishy playdough is my all time favorite memory time when my kids were small.. we would spend hours sometimes, molding and designing houses, and trees, lol.. too cool to wake up this Monday morning to read this post!! thanks!

Rannyjean said...

Yes, I forgot how fun it was until yesterday!