Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basket Bingo...

Each year the local schools here have basket bingo and the monies made go to the PTA. It is lots of fun with side prizes, food and people oohing and aahing over the baskets. Each year the classes pick a theme and students families contribute.

The year I worked for Americorps, our basket was Valentine and I made a small quilt and donated, we had sparkling cider, candles, plastic goblets and chocolates. Last year one of the kids was an animal theme, the other was art supplies and lastly movies.

This year, they have all chosen colors. The oldests class is red, so today, I made 2 handmade pot holders to donate to her class and tied them together with a polka dot ribbon and I freehand quilted each one with a different design.

I wanted to donate something, but right now just don't have the money in hand to do so, so I got creative and I know the basket will be filled with other things red, so it will make a nice gift. So that was one class down. Now what to do for green?

Then it hit me. Melinda had just sent me three pre-cut quilt squares and they had green in them. See Melinda, you really are a blessing. I put them together and then added a green fleece back to it and I had a pillow for that class room and it really only took a few minutes and came out cute! As you can see, the front has 2 dark green print squares.

Let me tell you, if you aren't a quilter or just want an easy project, I would recommend going this way, it was so quick and easy and I have never used a pre-cut pattern at all. The back is actually a very pale green fleece.

Tomorrow I will put together a pink pin cushion for a pink basket and come Monday, they will be all done and I will not only have contributed to the baskets, but done a little bit more destashing and this is really beginning to feel good!

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