Saturday, January 23, 2010

God Watches Over Us

Have you ever sat at the side of a lake like this one or near the edge of a pond and instead of saying a word, just drank in all of the beauty around you? I love to watch ducks as they glide along a lake and once in awhile they go under for a few seconds and pop back up. I love nature, it amazes me.

I also love flowers and this past summer, hubby planted some flowers around our mail post for my enjoyment. While they are not in bloom at this time, the plant part is beautiful and green and for some reason this year, unlike everything else I planted, these did not wither up and die.

God takes care of all of our needs. Notice I didn't say wants because that leads us into a whole entire weeks long discussion on our nature.

Matthew 6:26 tells us, 'Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reapo nor gather into barns;yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?'

Our youngest son has Autism. He has been through the wringer and yet, he never gives up, he keeps trying. He wasn't working for months and then his wife lost her job and he went back to a cab company he had been working for and asked to go back to work and they took him back.

Yesterday, a man he picked up asked him to stop the meter and told him he would cover the cost. Normally he doesn't, but he told me he felt it was okay & it is his money if he looses it. The man had him drive about 1 mile away to a local eatery and told him to get out because he didn't eat alone. The man bought my son a nice lunch and when he took him home, he paid my son a good sum.

Last evening he called him on his cell phone and my son tried to explain he didn't has his cab, but the man insisted on being picked up. My son borrowed his BIL's car, his SIL watched the baby and he and his wife went and picked the man up and drove them to a local casino. The man bought them both dinner, gave them some money to play on while they were waiting for him, came back to them several hours later, told them to sit down and play some more and he did as well.

The drove him home and he gave them a tip and what amazed my son is was enough to pay their rent and to pay their electric bill and have some left over which my son wants to give back to our pastor who has helped him.

I told him God does not approve of gambling, but I know God put that man in my sons life yesterday for a reasona and I prayed over my son for his blessing.

We never know when God will show up in the form of a stranger and bless us. When He does, I hope we remember to bless others with what we have. After all, we can always find people worse off than ourselves!

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