Monday, January 18, 2010

Checking In On My Resolutions....

I know you just can't wait to hear how my resolutions are going. Yeah, right! In order to stay accountable to these, I feel that I should post my progress at least once a month so you will know someone is actually trying to stick to resolutions made.

Remember, I went over board and made 10, lets see how I am doing:
1- Getting healthier (This one is simple because I am not setting hard to reach goals such as loosing 50 pounds, being able to walk 10 miles, becoming a vegetarian or anything else that might cause me to fail). I am drinking between 2 quarts and a gallon of water per day and have replaced sweets with trail mix, nuts, chex mix and lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I am looking for a reasonably prices treadmill and every other day do stretching for Arthritis!
2- Becoming a more positive person and trying to keep negative people at arms length. Hubby just told me last night since I have been off my medications, I am yelling less and seem much we know it was either one of the meds or a combination of & since I gave in last night and started back on the pain meds, only time will tell!
3- Forming a prayer/support group for others in my area that are out of work. I know I am not the only one experiencing companies that send rejection letters telling us we aren't qualified when the only qualifications are a high school diploma. With my pain issues, I have fallen down on this one, but I still have it in the works!
4-Forming a Yada Yada style of prayer group for women and I hope this becomes huge, but I would like to keep the groups small (10 people at the most) There are a few of us from my church that are having a prayer group meetings away from the church and I would love to incorporate these into neighborhood walks come spring!
5-Spending more time in Gods word! **If time is the most precious thing we have and spending time or wanting to spend time with someone is our highest complement we pay to one another is when we unselfishly spend time with each other...then I need to give God more time!** Everyday I get up, put on my tea pot and while waiting for the water to boil, I read Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer, God's Little Devotional Book for Moms, Psalms 31 daily inspiration, my Bible reading knowing I will read the bible through in a year and I remind myself of why God is good. So far, I am sticking to it!
6- Getting my financial house is order! I am working with several of the companies I owe money to and doing my best to stay away from a Debt Relief company feeling I can do better on my own. However, our only source of heat (fireplace and insert), the insert blower went out and that comes first!
7- Purchase more handmade items this year and find more artists willing to participate in giveaways to share their products with us. Right off the bat, we had 2 wonderful shops step up and donate for January's giveaway and lets remember to visit these shops and say thank you by purchasing something from them and letting them know you came via this blog. Rachelle at Christian and Amy over at ajewelgift at Zibbet. I will be purchasing from both of these ladies soon and when I receive my order, I will post pics!
8- To enlarge my blog followers to 100. Last I checked, I was at 87. I realize some of you only sign up to get extra points in the giveaway...but I still enjoy getting to know each and everyone of you!
9- To yell less and listen more. See #2 above!
10- To rid my house of lots of clutter! This is a work in progress! The kids rooms are all purged and so is most of the junky clutter, now I am working on upcycling/recycling what I have and, I have joined Val over at Yarni Gras and Crafting With Cat Hair on doing a destashing all year! I am starting with doing a scrappy back on a redwork quilt I worked on while I was down this summer! I am also going to be offering up some of my Christian books and fabric scraps as part of my monthly giveaways!
So, we are only into 2010 by 18 days, but I am on the right track! Hope you are too!

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