Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christian Shirt Giveaway

I am having a January giveaway and if you look on my left sidebar, you will see the link to sign up. One of this months sponsors is Rachelle of Christian who has generously agreed to give one of my blog followers a free Christian Tee-shirt of their choosing in their size.

Here is an interview I did with Rachelle. I hope you stop by her store, tell her you came from this blog and hopefully you will make a purchase and let me know. I would also like to encourage each and everyone of you that have a local Christian bookstore in your area to go in and check out their tee-shirts and if you don't like what you see, encourage the owner of the store to check out Rachelle's shop and put some of their things in stock!

Always, no matter what your political believes may be, remember all of our sponsors are donating these items, so keep politics out of the mix!

Interview with the owner of Christian
1. First name; Rachelle

2. You have such a wonderful mixture of tee shirts, magnets, bumper stickers, etc. in your shop, do you screen print or make any of your own items?
We print all clothing, stickers, bumper stickers, address labels, magnets, coasters, mousepads, and buttons here. By doing this, we are able to customize our designs or print custom images for our customers.

3. Everyone loves tee-shirts, how did you make the decision to open a tee-shirt shop?
Soon after we got married, we were looking online at Christian shirts. We had a lot of unique ideas in mind and began to look into how to print our own shirts. So, about six years ago, we started with just a few designs and only a few products. The Lord has given us this opportunity to work together and have our own small business, so we always pray about what the Lord would like us to do with it.

4. I know yours is a family run business, but is it run by family only or do you hire outside help?
My husband and I run the business. We happen to live far from our families, so we pretty much do it all by ourselves.

5. I love to promote handmade shops, local shops and Christian blogs and shops. Do you sell on Ebay or other arenas you would like my readers to know about?
We don’t sell our products on any other websites, although our shirts are in a few small bookstores. We also have another website for Christian artists, At Virtuous Planet, we invite others to upload their art and sell it on our merchandise. They get commission for each product sold. The nice thing about Virtuous Planet is that we approve all of the images, so only family-friendly images are approved. A Christian artist does not have to worry about other artists on the site uploading images that do not align with Christian values.

6. So many of us dream about opening our own businesses and you have made your dream come true. Ever think about going back to work for someone else?
I was a math teacher for seven years. Although I loved teaching, it did not offer me the flexibility that owning my own business provides me. Even though I am in a different line of work now with this business, I am happy to be doing the Lord’s work by sharing pro-life and Christian messages.

7. What is your favorite item in your store and why?
My favorite design is the side profile of the unborn baby with Psalm 118:23, “This is the Lord’s doing; and it is wonderful in our eyes.” This is my favorite because it sums up the mission of our business.

8. Is there a slow season to shirt sales? What about a busy season?
The busiest season is the Christmas season. It slows down right after Christmas and tends to pick up as the year goes on.

9. What do you do to relax?
Watch movies, spend time with my husband, play cards and board games with friends. Another thing I do in my spare time is sidewalk counsel. I would encourage all pro-lifers to spend at least a little time in front of an abortion clinic praying. You never know…God might just call you to sidewalk counsel, too. I certainly did not expect to be called to sidewalk counseling, but it is a vital ministry in the pro-life movement, and I feel blessed to be part of it.

10. Any other thing you would like my readers to know? Favorite book, band, movies, etc.?
One of my favorite movies is Faith Like Potatoes. I like it because it is based on a true story and has a strong message about putting faith in God. At the same time, just because Angus puts his faith in God, it does not mean that everything in his life turns out perfect. It also doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and relax now that you put your faith and trust in Him. You still have to go out there and do the Lord’s work which will usually include some type of sacrifice for you and your family.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your blogging family!

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