Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Tiger to Bobcat

All I can say, is thank goodness I combed my hair and put on some lipstick before leaving the house this evening as I had no idea I would be going up in front of the scout pack and parents this evening.

Here is baby boy standing up in front of the pack to recieve his Bobcat badge. Isn't he just so adorable and so serious looking?

This is the babge minus the moms pin and if any of you know the drill, they earn their badge, but in order for their moms or in my case, his Ranny to be able to wear my pin right side up, he must do one good deed without being told to do so.

The reason moms have to go up in front of the pack is because the new Bobcat must pin the pin upside down on their parent. Probably not the best night for me to be wearing a thick shirt and sweatshirt. Poor little guy kept moving the pin telling me, 'to thick Ranny, your shirt is to thick!'

For those of you who might be wondering...NO! I am NOT bending. I had to squat at the knees so he could pin me.
He finally got it pinned on and then they were told when they become Bobcats they have to give their parents a very special Bobcat salute, a kiss on the cheek.

In our home, we are very affectionate and never shy away from giving hugs and kisses. This little guy gave me a kiss so sweet and so quick that while the others were a bit hesitant the pack leader told him he could just give me a hug. He looked up and said, I already gave her a kiss! It was cute!

These are all his awards that he worked to earn since November. Several of them came from working on his Pine Wood derby car.

The pin? It will go on my denim jacket right next to the one his daddy earned when he was a scout!

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