Monday, January 25, 2010

A Great Day

I got up this morning and got the kids off to school and then tuned into day one of the ' A Woman Inspired' Conference and it was just amazing! The speakers were simply wonderful and each had an anoiting on them that made you laugh, cry and shake your head and say...uh huh, I have been there!

The thing I loved the most was I could do my list of 'Monday do's,' while still not missing anything because it was on the computer and I had the volume turned up. So, I was able to clean the kitchen, make my bed and get laundry ready.

I completed the count for the grands and their Girl Scout cookies...114 boxes sold which means just for pre-sales, their sales alone made just under $80 for their troop. Next comes a few weeks to rest while we gear up for their booth sales at local grocery stores and other venues. They set a goal of selling 100 boxes each and sold just over half their goal and with the exception of a few family members, they did these at school and church!

After that was over, the house is freezing at 58 degree's with no fireplace insert, I made myself a second cupa coffee and settled in at the kitchen table with paper, pen, calculator and a basket full of paperwork to prepare my taxes for our accountant and I am happy to say, I finished it in record time.

The one thing I loved was Kathryn Bonner who spoke about women writing and she said to write your feelings and write when you are weeping and allow the Holy Spirit to direct what we write. There was so much she had to say.

The conference is over for today and starts back up tomorrow and goes all week. I have so much to digest and since I am on a roll right now, I want to finish my Monday chores and sit down and read my churches annual report.

Have a Miraculous Monday!

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Desert Rose said...

What would we do without those girl scout cookies!