Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Your House In Order...

The bible tells us that a house divided amongst itself, will fall and when it is done it will look much like this pile of bricks, a heap of rubble! If you do not believe this, take a look around at how the banking industry has tore our country as well as other countries apart. A house divided!

Now, lets take a long hard look at another thorn that divides a home and that is PAYDAY loan companies! Yes, I am still on this kick, but more today because I want to educate those of you that may be considering this path or know someone who has...take warning, you may wind up being the responsible one for this loan.

Yesterday, I went into Advance America Cash Advance here in Aberdeen, Washington to find out more information about the loan my husband took out and more specifically, I wanted to know how much was owed on this loan.

I walked in with a smile on my face and the woman behind the counter asked me if she could help me. I told her that I was there to find out about this loan. She asked me if my hubby had signed a note giving me access information to this account. I told her I didn't know! She said without knowing this she could NOT give me any information.

However, she asked me his name and then went to check. Their file was right there in front, so I could see she pulled a file out and returned to me and advised me she could not give me any information...hmmmmmmmmmmmm, but she just let me know he had an account and what about privacy there? HAHA!

I then asked her what would happen to this loan if he became unable to repay it. She told me that I would be the one responsible to repay it. Huh? I am still being nice here people...I was not surprised, but repeated what she told me: 'So, you are telling me that although I cannot have any information about this loan, I cannot know how much is owned on this loan, because I live in a community property state, I would be responsible for repaying this loan?'

'Yes, you would.' Wow! I was pretty sure this would be the case, but I really have always hated these blood suckers and I feel we as a people living in difficult times should lobby against these places because they are nothing more than legalized loan sharks!

Still remaining calm, I smiled and asked her to do me a favor and place a note in his file with the date and time on it that I would NOT be responsible for this loan if it gets defaulted on (no, I did not think he would default, it just is a huge thorn in my side). She told me she could not place that in a file and that yes, I would be responsible. My comment was back to her:

'No, I will not because if it comes to paying this loan back that I have no knowledge of, I would hire an attorney to ensure I was not responsible just on general principles alone! I thanked her and left. No angry outbursts, no threatening gestures, just a thank you.

By the time I arrived home, I had decided I would file a general complaint with the Washington state attorney generals office. While they may not be able to do anything, I just felt someone needs to know the truth about these companies.

I stepped in the door and it was hubby on the telephone. Guess what? Not only had I gone down to the loan company, I was extremely rude to the employee and making threats that I was going to sue them.

Do I care? Nope! Did I accomplish what I set out to accomplish? Nope! Did anything get accomplished? Yes! The woman worked a payment plan out that will cut the amount of interest owed to extremely low, the payment will be made monthly at over $500 less than what is being paid now. No more loans can be taken out and the amount will be paid off in 6 months!

So, while a house divided will not stand! A woman who believes in following Gods principles and standing strong on her moral convictions will ultimately be blessed. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and today, the sun is shining making me believe the gray cloud that did rain on us, but sucked the life out of me is lifting.

You may not be affected by these companies, but you can help so that others are not victims by voting against them in your neighborhoods, voting for stronger laws to protect the consumers!

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