Friday, January 1, 2010

Help Me To Be A Blessing Today

That is all I asked when I got up this morning and started my Bible readings and prayers. Lord, help me to be a blessing today, to show me Your ways and boy did he! Totally caught me off guard not once but twice!

The girls had a blast last night at their Girl Scout New Years Eve church campout and when I got there to pick them, they were pretty close to having everything all packed up. From there, we went to WalMart and I expected with our local Razor Clam tide, the streets would be packed, but WalMart was almost deserted! Yippee!! No crowds.

We got what we needed (long johns for me so I can begin my short daily walks, groceries and vitamins so I can follow my 'supplement regimen.' Then, we went to Ross, where I was really blessed.
Upon entering, their security asked me how I was doing and I said great and asked how he was and he replied, 'blessed.' Oh, praise Jesus, how nice to hear someone not afraid to use that term and especially on a day in which everyone seemed to have Mr. Crankypants faces on.
Then, I went to look for something to wear to my interview I have next week and found not one, but two business suits for just $13.99 each, so I got both of them. My first instinct is to wear the red one, it is vibrant and happy, but most people say not to wear red clothing, nails or shoes to an interview. What is your opinion? Mine is if I feel good wearing it, I will project that image.

Does it matter? This is a dress with a jacket and the jacket has petite side buckles that a silver, it also has about a 4" pleated bottom on the dress. Next, I found another two piece set and this one is much more conservative and speaks much quieter.

I have several outfits I wear on interviews, one is a black pants set with a beige and black jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and the other is a long straight skirt with a white blouse and black and white mini checked full sleeved jacket. Neither has brought me any luck with a job!

This next one was also on sale for $13.99 and it is also a two piece set but much more conservative in that it is black and light gray checked with a jacket and as you can see, ruffles must be in this year, because it also has a ruffle.

Here is an up close of the second outfit. I know I should wear the dull and boring, but they see so many people like that, should I stand out with the red or not?
As we were leaving someone snarled at the kids for not moving out of there way quick enough and I said, wow, is it me or are people cranky today? The clerk laughed and stated: 'welcome to my world!'
From there, I had shopping at a place I will not mention and the Holy Spirit led me to that place and anointed me to do something I don't do and that was to pray in a public place. The place also was empty and as I was checking out, I noticed the girl at the counter was red eyed and weepy and looking around. I asked her if she was okay. At first she said yes and then no.
I am a people person and sometimes forget I do not work as a dispatcher any longer. Are you hurt or in pain? No, she wasn't. Is your boss having a bad day? No. She then told me she has been dating one of the fellas at work and he has a drinking problem and she is drinking more and they are splitting up because he hit her...................Whoa!
Yep! I told her she didn't have to take that she needs to stop it now! Then I asked her if I could just pray for her. She was a bit nervous, but I took her hand and prayed. I asked her to come visit my church and let her know I would continue to pray for her and her situation. She said she has Sundays off.
I then went into a few more shops and as I got back to the van, I told the kids how blessed we were to live in a place where we can pray for others in public. Just as I was backing out, the oldest yelled, 'STOP Ranny STOP!' Seems she picks up our churches business cards and had a stack of them in her seat holder. I put my name and phone number on it and went back it.
She had a huge smile on her face and said, 'you forgot to tell me what time church is.' Please pray with me that she will be there as I felt God led me to her at that moment!
Yes, help me to be a blessing today!


Melinda Cornish said...

what a great day! as far as the suits go, red is a power color and it may make you stand out in someones mind......I would wear it..if it makes you feel good, you will project that........

Shawnee said...

I'm so proud of you for praying for the young lady. I hope she came to church!

Shawneeh at

Love 2 Quilt said...

Jean, email me at paweis at yahoo dot com. I have some Christmas fabric if you still need some.