Saturday, January 16, 2010

Like a Rag Doll...

This is sort of how I looked last night only I was laying on my left side on the floor with my face planted under a chair & NO people, I WASN'T drunk!

We had decided to treat the wonderful grands to a movie and when we came back, hubby had plugged in a portable heater (we lost our fireplace blower and can't get it repaired until Tuesday) and somehow, klutz that I am, got my foot around it and was a bit like slow motion!

I had tall rain boots on and didn't realize my foot was caught on a cord, I somehow thought I stepped on something and tried twice to lift my foot up out of it. By then it was too late and I had this sheer feeling of terror I wasn't going anywhere but down.

Down I went, left side. The kids were worried and I told them I was fine. Hubby wanted to help me up but I was afraid to move. My left ankle, my hips, my back, my wrist and my knee all hurt and all I wanted to do was make sure nothing popped or snapped!

We don't have carpet, we have solid wood floors with a small rug that is not padded in the least (it is used to keep our feet warm only!). I got up on my own, and my wrist was extremely swollen, but it was like hitting something and popping a painful blood blister. Everything worked, my knee has 2 large rug burns on it so the kids wanting to help put bandages on for me.

This morning, I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck, but how much of that is the fall and how much is the Fibro, I don't know! All I know, is that it is not fun to fall anytime after the age of 50. HAHA!


John said...

Sorry Jean, I hope you are OK. You mean you are 50?????

Melinda Cornish said...

isnt being a klutz great? I can say it cause I fall all the time....I am glad you werent hurt worse!!!!!