Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Sally, Owner of Passion For Beads

For my readers, we are so blessed to have some wonderful women donating awesome products for this months giveaway and the second person is Sally who designs beaded jewelry and is the owner of Passion For Beads. As you will learn, Sally is originally from China, lives in Canada and she told me I could correct her grammar, but I think I will leave it alone so you can get to know Sally better:

Sally is also having a wonderful sale at her shop, so check her out! Sally is donating a $10 gift certificate for one lucky winner and she has opened this up to international bloggers as well!

Hi Jean, my answer to your questions are in red. Please feel free to correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes as English is not my first language.

Is this going to be posted by tomorrow? Since I am planning to have bracelet sale starts tomorrow, I will take 20% off all of my bracelets but only for the first 5 takers. Prices as marked (I will adjust the prices tonight). So, if this will be posted by tomorrow, please mention about the sale too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I cannot wait to see my own featuring...LOL! Please let me know when it is up!

Thanks so so much for giving me this opportunity!

Have a blessed Sunday!

On with the interview!

I am so excited to offer this to my readers and I hope you get lots of traffic and sales. I know you are in Canada, so can I open this contest to my readers in the United States and Canada or internationally? This is up to you entirely and I will abide by your wishes since it will be you who will have to mail this out. Let me know and I will post your specifics with the interview: LOL! You can open this contest internationally. I have thought of this question already when you were asking me donating an item from my shop and that is why I asked if I can donate a gift certificate to be spent at my ArtFire shop so everything will be taken care of (at least I won't lost a lot in international shipping!)

1- How long have you had your shop open? Not very long, only 11 months. I opened my very first online shop since March 2009!
2- You make beautiful jewelry, what made you decide on the crystals when there are so many other mediums out there? I love crystals especially those Swarovski crystals. I just in love with them at first sight. They are so beautiful, shiny, sparkly and most importantly they make my jewelry look beautiful!
3- How much time do you spend during the week making jewelry? I do not have a fix schedule for myself to make jewelry. To create a piece of jewelry, I need some plannings. I need to think what I want to make first (bracelet, necklace, earrings, brooch, charm or else), what pattern and what color combinations. Then, I will set aside some time for myself to create that piece, usually when my kids are in bed, that is when distraction are minimal...LOL! So, for me, to create a piece of jewelry can take a few hours or it can be days, it depends how crafty and how busy I am.
4- Where do you sell the most product? Give us addresses, so my readers can come by and shop! I sell my jewlery on ArtFire and MiM However, you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter Please feel free to fan me and follow me.
5- You have a wonderful talent. Prior to jewelry making did you try your hand in any other craft for sale projects? Besides making jewelry, I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, cross stitching and paper quilling but none of them are for sale projects. I am sorry if I made you disappointed because I really really enjoy making my Swarovski crystal beaded jewelry! LOL!
6- Tell us something special about the area where you live. Snow and wind are the two things that make Winnipeg so special!! We DO have beautiful summers though. Oh, do you remember the movie "Shall We Dance"? It was shot here in Winnipeg but too bad that I haven't had a chance to meet Richard Gere!!! Brad Pitt was here too!! There were a few of hollywood movies were shot here but I cannot recall the names as I am not a big movie fan. Is that good enough to make the place I live special?
7- Tell us more about you...pets, married, favorite movies...your comfort zone here what you feel okay about sharing. My name is Sally and I am originally from Hong Kong, and lived in Canada since 2001. I am a stay at home mom with two gorgeous boys, 7 and 4 years old! I have been beading for about 7 years. Passion For Beads is my very first online shop which established in March 2009 and is focused on selling Swarovski crystal beaded jewelry. I have been trying very hard to add more varieties in my shops and right now there are different styles of bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, brooches and cell phone charms or zipper/purse pulls to choose from. All of my jewelry are perfect for daily wear and for special occasions. My main source of inspiration is from craft books. I read them again and agin to get new ideas and believe it or not I will discover something new every time I read them.
8- Favorite ice cream? I really like passion fruit favor ice-cream which I had in an ice-cream shop years ago. It was so delicious and now you made me drool by mentioning it....
9- Do you do this full-time or do you have another career? I do not have another career, I wish I had. However, I do not consider selling my jewelry online is my full time job either. However, it is obviously that I am a full-time mom!
10- Favorite song. I like every Christian song. The one I espeically like is "Above All". When it comes to the chorus, it touches my heart every time I listen to it! It says,
"CrucifiedLaid behind a stoneYou lived to dieRejected and aloneLike a rose Trampled on the groundYou took the fall And thought of meAbove all"

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean Kester for doing this for me and thank You for taking time reading this featuring.
Thank you

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