Friday, January 8, 2010

A Rough Night, An Easy Day

After my doctor appointment yesterday, I rushed back to town and worked a few hours subbing at the local junior high and thanks be to Jesus, both classes I knew most of the students so they were really great kids.

I came home and the little ones were at a friends who pick them up from school once in awhile and treat them to fun and lots of love. Hubby had a huge pot of chili cooking on the stove so I knew dinner was taken care of and I could relax.

After dinner and once the kiddos were home, I helped them work on homework and then cleaned the kitchen and went and sat in bed. I was freezing and couldn't get warm, so I just sat up watching a few television shows and when I woke up it was after midnight.

I sat my bedchair down and went to sleep. By 0200 I was awake with severe spasms in my back and here I was hoping for a few days of respite before my body realized I wasn't taking my medication any longer. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep and finally around 0400 I drifted off only to be jolted out of my sleep by one of the worst spasms since my surgery. Hubby rubbed my back and that seemed to work....

By 0530, I gave up and got out of bed. This is not going to be an easy thing to go through, but somehow, I will get through it. I may get through it with lots of wincing and tears, but I know I can get through it or at least I am hoping to get through it.

Today, I will take a nice hot shower and hopefully that will relax my back muscles, I will do some gentle stretching, take my vitamins and I think for the most part, rest and relax. If you know anything about chronic pain, it is unbearable, but I am determined I will get through this with the help of prayers, family, friend and I will be stronger when it is over.

After all, don't they say the first 3 days are the worst?


Our Westmoreland School said...

I saw a comment you posted on another blog and moseyed on over, I hope you don't mind.

It sounds like you've had a really hard night. Is there anyway you could sleep in a chair? My mom had surgery on her back (all musculature, hard to explain) and she found that sleeping in an easy chair allowed her to lean back, but also position herself so she wasn't putting too much stress on any one spot of her back. For me, I just create a mountain of pillows to contort me into a comfy position.

I'll pray for you, if that's alright. Chronic pain is not something that can be understood by those that do not face it. I'm so sorry you are suffering through this.

Rannyjean said...

No, sleeping in a chair doesn't work to well either. I have a bed chair with a lumbar massager and that helps a bit! You are right, chronic pain is difficult especially when we try to put on our best face for everyone! Your prayers are most welcome!

Debi said...

Oh!! My dear,
I am soo sorry about my comment of the potassium before! Please forgive me!! I should know better by now! I do hope they get better!
I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear!!
Debi xo