Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Things for 2010

Our church is starting this year out by doing prayer walks in our neighborhoods and praying for our neighbors and doing nice things for our neighbors..yes, even if we do not like them, as the Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

With this in mind, I made this changing pad for our neighbors new granddaughter and gave her 2 yellow binkies. Yes, I wrapped them in nice yellow and baby colored tissue paper.

I had the pad already made, all I had to do today was add the ribbon and the lady bugs today. I had these ladybug buttons and since ladybugs love roses, I thought these were cute!

I also sat down today and hubby helped me and we emptied all the old files out and I shred so much paperwork today, I had to have hubby empty the shredder bin 4 times.

We are having left over chili and fresh cornbread for dinner tonight while hubby is over at a friends working on the race car they are hoping to have up and running by this race season. It just makes it easier on me.

My youngest called today, he got his old job back at a local cab company in Arizona and is really looking forward to bringing some money home while his wife gets to stay home with the baby until she hears from a few jobs she has applied to.

My Franklin Covey planner came in today, just as I was emptying my last part of it into our tax box for our accountant. My pain level is at about an 8 today, but I have kept a heating pad close and my feet up.

I am trying to keep my mind busy!

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