Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Son (sun) Shines

A few days ago, I posted a comment about what we can see in our own yards and I posted this same picture and you need to click on the link to see the differences in the two. They are still the same picture, the same chimneys and the same trees.

These pictures represent to me, my life under the darkness of depression or feeling hopelessness (more like helplessness) and allowing the Son, Jesus Christ to shine in my heart and show me no matter how I feel or what I am going through, He is with me and He is shining brightly today, tomorrow and forever.

I had so many great comments on the last picture and what people saw or were actually looking for and those comments gave me reason to smile and that is why I blog. Not only because all of you make me smile, but because I know that by my writings, I can and pray I do, make you smile as well.

When the Son shines, the skies are the brightest Robins egg blue I have ever seen and there has never been a more beautiful sky color to me than the Washington skies when the sun is out. It is as if something magical happens when the rain goes away and to quote my grandson this morning when he walked outside,' Ranny, Jesus is really happy and laughing this morning, look at how pretty the sky is!' Amen!

The 2 trees that almost looked black against the gray skies earlier, now shine in their greenery, magestically reaching upward and these trees have endured many years to be as strong and upright as they are. The bare tree in the front? Oh, in another few months, will be a beautiful blazing red!

What happens when we concentrate on ourselves to much and spend more time worrying that praying and believing? We become depressed and we allow the devil to move into our hearts and life and cause stress and strife! I know, as much as I try not to, it happens and then someone yanks my chain and says, 'Are you giving up? It sounds like you are giving up! This isn't the Jean I know, she doesn't give up.'

You know, it is hard being me sometimes! Don't laugh as I am serious as a heart attack! I am always the one that people say never gives up and trust me, I am as guilty as the next person of wanting to toss in the towel and then God sends me friends who remind me, He didn't make me a quitter. He didn't bring me to Aberdeen to let me drown. He didn't pull me away from the dispatch mike to silence me.

He brought me here for a purpose and what that purpose is only He knows. Jesus tells us in John 8:12: 'I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.' Jesus didn't say we wouldn't stumble and fall, He didn't say we wouldn't have worries, He didn't say we wouldn't struggle, He said we would not walk in darkness!

Now, look at those 2 pictures from my front yard again and tell me what you see. I see light and color and life and I see Jesus telling me that no matter what, He is here with me, I just have to remember that and I have to remember (feeling the Holy Spirit as I am writing this) that He speaks to all of us daily if we will just settle down and listen.

I have never heard of Madame Jeanne Guyon until my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my baby sister and I talked several times. My baby sister kept telling me she felt God is leading me to be a prayer warrior and was telling me about this book she was reading by Madame Guyon and she would try to find a copy and send it to me.

I never got the book, but the point is, I never tried to look up this person, I didn't look for any of her books, I just opened a file and stashed the information in there. Until this posting and when I opened my Bible, the first thing I found was this this quote: 'Remain in peace. Move only when Jesus does. In Jesus there is life, and He must give life to every living thing.' Madame Jeanne Guyon.

While God planted the seed through my sister months ago, He knew that today, I would be looking for the Son light and He knew I would remember my sisters comments and that being the person I am I would look her up. Madame believed that we should pray at all times no matter what we were doing and this would keep us in direct Son light.

I have long prayed many times during the day from the time I awaken and pray to the prayers I pray while driving, cleaning, writing this blog or my quilting. Now, that is the time for praying. I pray over each quilt I make and that the Lord will not only bless my hands to continue my quilt ministry, but He would bless the recipient of my quilts.

Choose today to not only walk in the Son Shine, but bask in it. For without the Son (sun), there is not light or life and while it rains much where I am, I must be able to look through the clouds and remember that no matter how dark it is outside, the Son shines in my heart and in my life in so many ways!

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