Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Commitment Completed

How many times have you told someone you would do something and then flaked on it? At the time it sounded like a great thing to volunteer or agree to but as the time got nearer, you allowed yourself to talk yourself out of it or change your mind.
Well, I am so guilty of this, but over the years I have become much better. For instance, I committed myself to my granddaughters scout troops and I got volunteered for my grandsons. I love them all equally, but the boys meetings are late on Sunday afternoons and I have church commitments, but I take him because he enjoys it.
I didn't sign up for that, his Papa did and then it became apparent the only time they would have meetings is on Sundays and it is the only young scout troop in our area, I got 'commited to go.'
This is not the same as saying yes to something you change your mind on. I did my best when I knew I had surgery coming up to not commit to anything for several months and I have still not commited to many other things due to my pain issues.
However, I made a commitment to a woman who does many wonderful things for Christian women on line that I would help her with her website in some areas. It wasn't a huge commitment, but it was a time consuming one and since I have lots of time to give, I figured it would be a piece of cake.
I completed my commitment today and sent her the last bits of information I had to help her where I could. Whether she updates her site or chooses not to is up to her, but I felt like a giant weight had been removed from my shoulders because I had completed what I promised to do.
That is right, when you make a commitment to something or someone, you are making a promise not only to them, but to others around you and when you break a promise you are breaking a piece of someones heart.
I am not responsible for my husbands commitments, but when he makes that commitment to one of my grandchildren, I feel accountable to help out where I can to see it through. After all isn't that what being a help mate is all about?
If Papa has a day off, he goes to scout meetings, he helps our grandson memorize his scout motto, laws, etc., he helps him with other scout related things that I do not have time for in my schedule and since he made a commitment, I feel we should both be responsible to help see it through.
By completing commitments, you are also decluttering and reorganizing your life. Unfinished projects and commitments are clutter to your brain. So today, try to complete one of your commitments and let me know how you feel when it is done!

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