Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow! I Have The Best Blog Friends!

You just cannot know the smile off of my face when I opened the package I just received from one of my wonderful blog friends, Patty of Iowa and my oh my, what a package it was! I was shocked when I opened it and Patty included some really sweet gifts to pull me up out of my blues.
I found so many neat little goodies tucked in between all this wonderful Christmas fabric and I must say that I believe I have plenty of Christmas fabric for the quilt I want to have for my living room and yes, it will be used year round. I am so thrilled!

I am NOT a collector of angels, stuffed bears or angel bears, but over the last two years, I have received these three angel bears from different sources and they are now my little desk angel family.
The large one with red bow and silver wings came from a young man I tutored in reading my first year as a tutor. He brought it to me for Valentines day and it just melted my heart.

The medium sized bear with gold halo and wings with a shimmery bow came from my oldest granddaughter whose friend gave it to her and lastly, this little red Beanie baby named 'Divine,' came from Patty and she just fits perfectly in the arms of the middle bear, so now I will have my own little angels watching over me! What a blessing Patty!

Now, open your eyes really side and take in all of this awesome and wonderful fabric that I received from Patty! I was amazed! Here I was so proud to have destashed and now I get to restash...BUT....I didn't buy any of this so I am still okay. Right??

Patty also enclosed a package of wonderful chocolates from Nebraska called Chocolate Meltaways and I had one and hid the rest away and it took less than 5 minutes for the grands to smell it because it was hidden when they asked if they could have a piece. Delicious!

Lastly was this darling little Deck The Halls pattern and I definitely have enough Christmas fabric to get this finished. I just can't thank Patty enough for being such a wonderful blessing to me!

Thanks to all of you who have come forward and destashed so I could be blessed!


angela said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway of fabric! I know I will enjoy using it and the ribbon.

Love 2 Quilt said...

Isn't that just the best chocolate!! I only buy it in the little bags other wise I think I'd finish a whole bag in one day. Big lack of self control when it comes to chocolate. I'm anxious to see what quilt you make. Hugs....Patty

Rannyjean said...

Girlfriend you know it is good if the kids found it by smell only because they cannot see the top of the fridge!