Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Sweet Guy

You know you have a sweetheart of a husband when he agrees to model his new tee shirt for you to blog about and that is exactly what Amy's (over at Social Studies Momma) husband Nick did.
Amy was the winner of the Christian tee shirt from and sent me a nice thank you Email letting me know that the owner of the shop Rachelle was so helpful and quick at mailing the shirt out.
Nick just happens to be a volkswagon buff and loved this shirt that reminded him of the old VW saying and I think the graphics are great and the service was awesome.
For those of you who are 'quiet Christians,' and don't like yelling and screaming or going up to people and talking to them, a shirt like this one I promise you will open the door for conversation and leading others to Christ.
It may also be the one thing during the day that makes someone smile. Oh sure, you can run into your local Christian book store and maybe they will have what you like, but Rachelle, well she will give you what you really want.
Pick out the design, then the rest is really up to you. What color do you want? Do you want a ladies tee-shirt or a mans tee-shirt? Do you want long sleeves, a sweatshirt? Take your pick and if you are starting up a ladies prayer group like I am, pick a design for the group and let everyone wear them.
Rachelle has great customer service, great prices and she is honoring God is so many ways, so get your Christmas or birthday list ready and check out

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