Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another project complete

I just finished the first pillow for my granddaughter and I actually weighed it on the scale to see how much fabric I used and it was a bit over a pound and a half.

I took pictures of the two empty bags of poly-fil or stuffing I had opened for other projects and used the remainder for this pillow. Not only did it empty two bags and I didn't have to buy anymore for the pillow, it got rid of these from under my feet in my sewing closet. Now, I have leg space!
I couldn't get my camera to pick up the thread details, but what I actually did was based this on a crazy quilt from Marguerita McManus and her daughter Sarah Raffuse book, Crazy Shortcut Quilts.

I didn't borrow any of their patterns from the book, but I borrowed their ideas of using batting for a stabilizer behind the fabric and then, I sewed each seam with a different stitch.

What I am so happy and excited about is that this was the first project I have ever completed that didn't pucker or bunch up somewhere.

With following the directions in the book, I ensured my fabric was ironed, my batting was ironed and I pinned the straightened and straightened and pinned until I knew it was right.

The results came out great and even hubby said he was surprised at how fast I had it quilted.

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