Thursday, January 21, 2010

United Airlines Breaks Sons of Maxwell Guitar

It is time we all begin using You Tube, our blogs and anyother means of communication to let companies know we are upset with their treatment of us. Check out this guitar video from Dave Carroll over United Airlines ground crew smashing his guitar!

Lets not forget, the democrats just lost a huge chunk of ground with a republican taking over Senator Kennedy's spot. We need to be heard and so far, we have not been. When Pelosi and her cronies can take their families to Denmark in 3 United States military planes and stay at 5 star hotels while we are unemployed....I would definitely have to stand strong and scream: WAKE UP PEOPLE...ROME IS BURNING AND OUR CONGRESS IS FIDDLING AND EATING CAVIER!


hughesfamily said...

I am not sure where to comment...but I do want to say thank you for having fun giveaways! I got the tin and cards in the mail and it was a fun treat! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Musical instrument smashing is so common. It really is. Belonging to musician forums, you see regular shipping damage, not just airlines, constantly. It's so sad when it's a beloved instrument. The insurance issues are confusing but often even insured instruments aren't covered.

Amen to the wake up call. We're broke and they keep spending. Insanity. I also have military issues as this administration is clueless. My vet hasn't received his pay in months... and, we leave boots on the ground out there flapping. Shameful.

Rannyjean said...

Wow! Who knew? If these companies are made to pay for the damage, or the individuals sued themselves, they would be more careful.