Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Quilt

This is my latest project and it has taken weeks to get it done, but it is now ready to go to a special person I will probably never meet that lives thousands of miles away in a remote village.
This quilt was made for a blind orphan and I did my best to make sure this quilt had some tactile (relating to the sense of touch) elements in it since the person would never see it with their eyes.

The top of the quilt that is almost a cherry red is silk with embroidered flowers and was donated to me to use for these quilts. The next 4 prints are fabrics that have been in my stash for quite awhile now.

The pink and blue I received in a pink and aqua swap last year. Next is a strawberry patterned print that I have used over and over again and this stuff just seems to always be in my stash no matter how much I use it. The last fabric was a pink and gray print from a reproduction print someone gave me a long while back.

The back was a huge solid piece of another reproduction cotton beige fabric with reddish pink flowers. I was donated years ago this fabric and this was the last piece (I believe) that I had.

I put the quilt together and then double sewed around the edges prior to placing the binding on with a small zigzag stitch and cotton thread.

I used pink baby blanket satin binding because once again, I wanted the person to feel this quilt. I again used double stitching to ensure this would last as I was told these quilts will be washed over and over again.

The inner batting is Mountain Mist's polyester batting and the entire quilt was hand tied on each joining seam, along the sides and in the middles of each piece.

This goes to a large orphanage and I am happy to say, I have one done and I may get a second one completed before the pastor and school director returns to the school of which he is administrator. I would love to tell you where it is headed, but it is going to a country that is full of problems and I do not want to mention this school without prior permission of our missionaries!

Destash Report:
  1. 5 fat quarters used for top

  2. 2 yards backing 72" x 40"

  3. 2 packages satin binding

  4. 2/3 spool cotton pink thread

  5. Mountain Mist Quilt Batting, 1/2 of a double bed size.
Here it is all nicely folded and ready to be delivered to the missionary today at our church.

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