Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just Listed This Jacket on Art Fire!

This is a vintage Levi Strauss denim jacket girls size 7. My granddaughter wore it once or twice and then grew to tall to wear it any longer. With all the work I have into it, I thought I would list it on my Art Fire site.

It has beading around the collar, the shoulders and on the bottom around the back. It has white and gold lace trim at the bottom, a cute metallic dragon fly on the left pocket and lots of ballerina and Barbie stickers on the front.

You can seethe Levi tag in the back of the jacket and you can tell with the brass rivet buttons that this is authentic Levi Strauss.

My granddaughter hand chose all of the embellishments on this piece, so it is definitely 100% diva girl and unique in that I do not believe there is another way just like it anywhere!

The back has cut out fabric roses that are hand sewn to the left back panel of the jacket. There is a purple varigated heart under the back collar, a cut out flower with a happy face in the middle and it is outlined with a raised clear fabric paint. It is finished off with a rabbit, butterfly and teddy bear and you can see the beading along the bottom edge.

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Cathy said...

Wow! This is great! It reminds me of a work shirt my mom embrodiered for me when I was about seven or eight. I loved it!