Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank You Purple Moose

A Huge Thank You Shout Out goes to Terri over at Purple Moose Designs because today the mailman brought the childrens package from her shop and they were so happy! Terri held a giveaway for deserving young people who like to sew and these 3 little darlins won!

They each won a really great pair of scissors, a spool of Rainbow thread and a magnetic pin cushion which they are already have so much fun with and, I must add they told me I could borrow it when I needed it!

Here is our little man holding up one of Terri's business cards so she can see he loves her shop! He was so helpful awhile back at his Tiger Scout meeting when he was able to help others sew some buttons on because he and his sisters had learned how last summer!

His sister here is trying to hold up the card and her scissors, but unfortunately she has been in an Americans Next Top Model marathon all day and was to busy watching the television.

She loves all the clothes and I am sure she is just thinking of how she can design her own clothing when she gets older!

Next is the oldest who loves science and anything to do with science so of course instead of holding Terri's card up, she had to figure out a way to make it look really cool and scientific, so she placed it behind the pins and let them hold the card up for her!


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