Monday, February 8, 2010

What I Did Today...Busy Work

Since we have lived in this home, we have had this comforter hanging over an 'undoored,' doorway that leads from the basement utility room into the main part of the basement and trust me this looks better than the bi-fold doors that were there.

I got a call to go to work this morning for the afternoon and then they needed me for the entire day and I was unavailable and I just had this feeling God wanted me step-dad called me and my mom has taken a turn for the worse and I expect to be leaving within the next few days to head back to California and will stay there until her battle here on earth is over.

I spoke with the Hospice nurse as well and she told me that my mom over the last few days has just not done well. She is sleeping all the time for which I am thankful because she isn't in pain. But she can't eat or swallow and they have had to place a catheter in her. Part of what bothers me is that my step-dad said he hadn't talked to me because when he talked to my sisters on Saturday, they told him they would call me....I guess I am still waiting for that call!

When I am dealing with bad news like this, I want to clean and that made me tear through my fabric stash so I could do something with that door opening and make it look neater. Several hours later, I had put together a quilted curtain complete with batting in the middle to help keep the cold out of the main part of the basement.
The side you see is a pale yellow with small yellow flowers and green leaves and the other side has green Shamrocks. If I could have done it, I would have primed the walls and prepared them for painting, moved furniture around, but my back won't let me do that.
I just hate being alone when bad news comes and I have been known to hang clothes out at midnight to keep busy and think of anything but death.
I hate CANCER!


momloves2quilt said...

Jean I am so sorry to hear about the struggles your mother is going thru. My thoughts will be with you in the coming weeks.

karen hopkins said...

I am praying, even as I sit here, Jean.. Hold onto the Hem of His Garment, and praise even in the storm right now with your mom. No pain , no sickness, no worries - it will be a time where you will find His comfort as you head to be with your mom.. Hang on, sister, hang on!