Monday, February 8, 2010

God Always Knows What We Need...

Today I was keeping busy and when I went outside to get the mail there was a package from my dear blog friend Melinda (the star). Melinda is so talented and last year she made wonderful Valentines for the grands teachers so I asked her to do it again and these came in the mail! Aren't they wonderful?

This one has a little boy, so perfect for Jonathan to give to his teacher and so adorable. She will love it because she still has the one from his sister hanging in her room from last year. That is how special these are!

Diva girl grabbed this one right out of the package and claimed it for her teacher and it fits both of their personalities. Another lucky teacher because she also has one of Melindas beautiful creations from last year.

It is so cool that Melinda knows enough about the grands that she designed one for each one of their personalities and I don't even know if this was done on purpose on she is just this gifted, but Tom Boy girl loved this one.

What I think was so wonderful is that she sent them beautifully wrapped with a card and this very special pot holder for me that is hanging on my cabinet door in the kitchen so I can remember how very special Melinda is and what a wonderful heart she has!

Even when we think it is so dark, God knows just when to send us some light and it definitely came today in this package.

God Bless you Melinda, my dear friend!


Audrey said...

Those are amazing! Love the heart you received, any thing with hearts always makes me smile :)

Melinda Cornish said...

Oh Jean, I am glad they cheeered you up...I know you are having a hard time! I did make them with specific kids in talk about them a lot so I feel like I know them......I am glad they got them!