Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Sad It Has To Be This Way....

Since I started writing my blog, I have oft times vented about my neighbor and their total lack of neighborliness when it comes to the share drive way we share. Since day 1 when they moved in and told us 'you can't block the drive way,' they have nothing but!

With that being said, when it comes to being a 'shared driveway,' their idea is to park an abandoned vehicle there and fill it with trash, park at the bottom so we can't get in without asking them to move and not one time have they demossed it, shoveled snow out of it or picked up trash!

The thing I find interesting is the owner of the home is a single although attached woman to a guy who is as rude as the day is long. He does it simply because he can. He isn't in any way the property owner, but he does what he can to make the entire neighborhood miserable...lets his dogs run loose, leaves them outside to howl all the time, parks his cars in his yard. Many of us have had at one time or another, neighbors like this!

Here is the kicker....he got a job working out of town, so he is gone 7 days and then is back for 7 days and while he is gone...the homes OWNER, parks in her driveway by her garage. Our street runs N/S and their house sits on the corner and their address is on the E/W street.

Today, the boyfriend is due in from his job from out of town and you guessed it, she had her car parked up in the driveway and hubby had to go over and ask her to move it! It is almost as if she will get in trouble if he gets home and she doesn't have us blocked in.

Matter of fact, she is a real sweetie and will only park there when she has things to carry that are heavy or many as it is a steep step up their stairs and I believe that is why the access was given to one party for.

It just amazes me that she feels when he is home she must follow his lead. Oh well, I understand from another neighbor that the code enforcement officers were out looking around their truck with expired tags and trash inside it the other day. Perhaps something will be done now to find a solution that will work for all of us!

Or perhaps not!

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Desert Rose said...

Makes me appreciate my quiet almost non-existent neighbors even more! What a mess!