Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bathroom Transformation

This is how our main bathroom looks this morning after pulling all the baseboards off. I have always hated the sink as it is to small for 3 kids to share, you can't set a thing on it without it falling (not even a bar of soap) and the plumbing you see behind it was put in place leaving a huge hole in the bathroom floor.

Hubby has been busy ripping it apart in anticipation for our new flooring, sink, cabinet and hardware that is starting to go in tomorrow.
The floor is a very ugly beigeish/white with flecks in it and there are stains that won't come out of it. To make matters worse, they laid a completely other floor in the hall/kitchen area that is even more hideous (my apologies to anyone who has this flooring and likes it, perhaps you take better care of it than this floor was taken care of).
It has a huge metal strip between the hall and bath and I am always hitting it with my toes and that will be gone tomorrow as well. The flooring was not laid well and is coming up all over the kitchen and when it raises enough that we all begin to trip over it, I grab a flooring knife and whack a chunk ot of the floor. As you can see, it isn't pretty!

When they bring in the bathroom flooring, they are bringing it into the hall and all the way to the bottom of this tear thus marrying it to the kitchen.
The hold you see on the right side lower portion of the bathroom was where our huge antique vent goes and we are going to strip all the old paint off of it and see what it looks like without it.
We are also going to buy wood baseboards and quarter rounds and either stain them or just varnish them heavily so the natural wood comes through. I hate over painted wood, it looks awful.
The other thing we discovered was that our baseboards were not wood, they were pressed board and that is why they were buckling off the wall. Whoever thought to put cardboard in a bathroom?
I will show you more pics this afternoon!


Patty said...

We had a big vent in our bathroom like the one you have. My DH took it outside and cleaned it and primed it and a lady in town painted it with flowers and trailing vines. It turned out beautiful. We did that because the plumber (who is my brother) said it would be easier than closing off the vent and moving it. I was against it all the time they were working on it, but in the end I really liked what was done to it.

Melinda Cornish said...

how exciting and new baTHROOM!!!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Ranny Jean, I found you through someone who left a comment on my blog giveaway, isn't this online world amazing? Anyway, we too are in the midst of redoing our bathroom and I just had to say I totally relate to taking out the old and bringing in the new. Sounds like it will be wonderful :)

Shirley said...

The package arrived! Thank you so much for having the giveaway and being willing to send it all the way to me. I'm looking forward to finding a pattern to start a quilt. And I think I know what material I'm going to make a bag out of. Thank you again!