Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chillin in Seattle...

We had decided a few weeks ago that we would go to Seattle the night before baby boy had his surgery to make him feel comfortable with his new surroundings.

Here, he was all curled up in his pj's sitting at the writing desk in our motel and playing on the computer. In the background is the fully stocked kitchen we had.

Since we stayed in the University district, we were within walking distance to lots of great places. An organic restaurant within a few feet of our lodging, another one about 3 blocks away, a local grocery store and many places to eat.

We took advantage of being in Seattle on a beautiful evening and walked to eat, stumbled into a really nice little Goodwill shop where I purchased that orange chicken you see in the background. It is actually a toothbrush holder and I thought for less than $2 it would be perfect in the recently overhauled bathroom (the kids bathroom...natch!)

Here, he was just hamming it up and relaxing in his own queen sized bed without anyone to have to share it with. We watched a few kid shows he wanted to see and really just let him dictate how the night went.

The motel was extremely noise from any of the other rooms, no doors being slammed, nothing...just a relaxing, clean and quiet place to spend the night!

We had dinner that night in a very nice little Mexican restaurant that served warmed chips and salsa, it was perfect and little guy sat us near the large front window so he could watch all the goings on out in the street.

On the way back to the motel, we stopped at a grocery store and stocked up on things we thought we might need for the following day: Apple juice, yogurt, 7-Up, crackers & bottled water.

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Judy said...

Sounds like you planned ahead well, Jean. It had to make all the difference in the world.

We went to North Alabama for a few days of rambling earlier in the week and found no restaurants with healthy menus. It was hard to stay on track with the way I eat these days. I would have loved to find the organic restaurants you ran across. Thankfully I planned well and took lots of fruit and healthy "snacks" with me so I wouldn't be tempted to eat whatever came along.