Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Room in Seattle

As you can tell, it wasn't the Marriot, but it was a nice place. The beds were clean, the linens were clean and smelled fresh and the beds were comfortable. This is the bed and side table and lamp in the bedroom portion of our suite.

Here is the dining area. The table and chairs were made of wrought iron and extremely heavy & yes, we sat at the table and ate. In this picture we were actually getting ready to come home, so everything is sitting and ready to go out the door.

One of the things I love most about this time of year in Washington, are the cherry blossoms in bloom. Everywhere you go, there are trees in full pinks and whites and when the wind blows it can look like pink snow falling.
I took this picture, but due to the sun being out (yeah, I know a rarity in and around Seattle sometimes), it was shining directly through the tree, but it is still beautiful!

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Judy said...

Your room looked homey...away from home. We stayed in a Days Inn during our getaway earlier this week and the rooms were painted bright lime green. No kidding. We figure they got a really good deal on the pain. It was not in the least bit a restful atmosphere. Thankfully we sleep in the dark. :)

Cherry blossoms are beautiful to behold. Our pear trees are blooming now. I sure hope we don't get a late freeze...