Monday, March 29, 2010

A Happy Little Boy...

After over 3 hours of surgery and wearing bandages around his head from the top of his head to his neck for the past 2 weeks and being 'ITCHY,' the round trip was made again to Seattle to see Dr. Gruss of the craniofacial reconstructive surgical clinic to remove baby boys bandages.

You just cannot wipe his smile off. The only 2 things he has said negative is when the bandages first came off, he said he had stinky ears....I think he smelt the inside of his bandages...much like and old cast...smelly pelly!

He told his sister, well, I don't even look like me anymore!

Well, you can't see it here very well, but when his ears are all healed, the stitches finally dissolve, the purple goes away, he is getting his picture taken by a professional so he can show his new ears off.

Dr. Gruss is a miracle worker, he actually reshaped the old ear and it looks perfect!

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