Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Majestic, Wonderful, Amazing...Gods Theatre

Wow! What a show Mother Nature put on today. We had it all...a little bit of sun, some rain, high waves, waves, sideway waves (I am sure there is a better name for them), hail, it was awesome and I wish I had more time to snap pictures, but no matter how the pictures come out, they just can't do the Lord justice.

I really like the way the top one came out, you can see the suns reflection in the waves, but more over, you can see how this particular wave was rolling and tossing about and the waves behind it and you can see how high the surf was in comparison to the jetty wall.

The picture on the right shows how ominous the clouds were as the rolled and tumbled along tossing the best stuff at us, however this picture was taken at low tide, what you can't see or hear is the howling wind and driving rain we had. One minute the skies would be peaceful and the next minute they were livid with anger!

The smaller picture here was taken from another angle and I love the way the waves broke around the rocks.

In this last picture for this post, I was hoping you could see the hail we were being pelted with! This is actually one of the roads near the beach covered by water. I was trying to get a close up picture so you could tell the puddle was being hit with hail balls! It didn't come out so well!


Ashley said...

Those middle pictures are beautiful. It really is amazing to watch the water, the weather, and everything in nature and think about what a God we have that has created all of it so precisely and perfectly.

Rannyjean said...

Amen Ashley....truly amazing and I just love the constant changes around me! I am always in awe!

John said...

Shy taught you well grasshopper.

Rannyjean said...

To you my love ;)