Monday, March 8, 2010

John, You Are Soooooooooo Funny!

I would have loved to send you all pictures of the ocean today bathed in sun, however, by the time I arrived at work, the warm sun had turned into icy cold wind and gray skies. We have had rain, hail, slush, hail, driving rain and more hail.

My best friend John told me yesterday, that he was supposed to have snow, not us and while I am affectionately known as the Snow Witch for a nicer term (haha) and I would love to have some snow, I definitely don't like the icy wind we had!

I am talking wind so strong, I had to hunker down to keep from falling over and I am NOT a small person by anyones stretch of the imagination.

So sweetie, deary, best friend...if we get snow tonight, the torch officially passes onto you and then what would you be...? The Snow Warlock? HEE,HEE!

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John said...

I got news for you hon, it snowed by us on Monday for a good 4 hours. With a couple of white-out times. It was actually starting to stick. Your control is absolute.