Monday, March 1, 2010

My View From Work

This is the view I have out my office window. Today the ocean was an amazing dark gray and it had these beautiful breaking white caps. When I first got to work, there were actually a few surfers playing in the waves, but I think it even got to choppy for them. I had my van parked where these 2 are and decided it would be better to move it away from the sea wall.
Here are two more angles out my window and you can see where someone has left there crab pots sitting. You can also see that the ocean was a bit calmer when I first came into work.
Then there is the buoy in the background. It couldn't have been to bad today as there were many boats and even a motorized rowboat out in the harbor.
When we have a sunny day, I will go out and take better pictures. Growing up on the coast, I learned a huge respect for the ocean and you just don't mess around with her when she is angry!


Melinda Cornish said...

your view is awesome!

Patty said...

It does look stormy on your pictures but it may be the color settings on my computer. You will probably have some very pretty views in the days to come.