Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Quilt Finished...3 down 51 to go

I was able to finish another quilt this week, but only because most of it had been completed already. As many of you know, I am making quilts for an orphanage/mission in Sierra Leone that homes and educates blind orphans. The last count, there were 54 of these students and I volunteered to 'help' make quilts for them.

This is the third one I have completed and it is a chocolate brown with this beautiful dainty pink and purple and green flower print with bits of red sprinkled here and there. I used a dark red bias tape as my border and because blind people use all of their senses so much more than those of us that have sight, I try to do something different on each quilt so they can 'feel,' them.

With this one, I added different sizes and textures of buttons in each area I was tying off so they can tell this one is their quilt. I have 2 more cut out and ready to be quilted or tied and that will mean I have less than 50 more to make.

If you are interested in helping me with these quilts, you don't have to make anything fancy or out of these world, just a very basic, twin sized quilt that is durable as these quilts will be washed by hand on a wash board when they get dirty.

Some of mine have been simple patchwork, this one is two pieces of matching fabric with batting in the middle and a bias tape border and hand tied. Just something simple and easy and then mail it off to me and I will deliver it to our missionary at church.

At this time, her husband is currently in Sierra Leone and scheduled to come back to the states in May, so it will be awhile before they deliver these back to Sierra Leone.

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