Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fibro Flare Up

These are what my hands look like this can see when you look at the rings on my fingers that they are swollen. With this swelling comes unbearable pain and lethargy, but I have already promised the little ones a trip out to the beach this morning and a dip in our local pool (which might be good for me).

This, is what my Fibormyalgia looks like when it is having a flare up! I have felt it coming on for the past few muscles were aching, my back was killing me and yet, I kept trying to move and do what needed to be done. I didn't win the war or even the fight, I lost the battle!

When I get home from work, I always do a few loads of laundry to keep ahead of the game and pick up here and there, but this week I should have seen it coming...I have just not been able to get much done without being exhausted and going to bed early every night. I have been going to bed early since I started working again feeling it would help me feel better....but this week, I was falling into bed exhausted and wiped out. A warning sign from my body!

Last night, I gave in and took a pain pill. Sometimes, it is the only option I have and I do my best to use them sparingly. I don't take muscle relaxers...they make me gooney and I hate the feeling they give me. I keep promising myself to start massage....but my money and time seems to end before I can get to it.

I know, I need to put myself first in order to get better...I need the massage...I need the pool...I need to loose weight, but sometimes it is hard to do when there is so much to do and so little time.

So today, I will do what I can around the house, go for a walk along the beach and then a sit in the pool and who knows, by tomorrow this might pass and I might feel better.


Cathy said...

I know those hands all to well Jean. But, it is hard to relax and not get everything done, isn't it? I am glad you see you enjoyed the day at the beach. I hope it helped calm the hands.

Rannyjean said...

Yes Cathy, the beach and a swim with the little ones at the YMCA seemed to calm them down...this morning there is no swelling! Thanks for the encouragement!